How to create a slick business cards and “stuff”?

Do you know that business cards are still used today? Maybe not necessarily as it was until recently, because LinkedIn and Facebook have taken over a significant part of the functions of the former business card. However, working with clients who build their personal brands and with those who build a business based on relationships, I learned that a properly made business card can still be a very effective tool for building your network of contacts and business development.

Where do we start?

From thinking about what the purpose of our business card is to meet. You will think that it’s obvious: give your contact details to the person I met on the networking or other meetings. In a simplified way, this is how it looks, but if you do not want to die in the thicket of other business cards, you will think about the purpose of having and handing a business card, leaflet or other materials :)


What is the purpose of your business card?

1. Leaving a trail.
The basic function, but practically never fails the exam. Because the likelihood that someone will speak to you only because you left your card to him is MINIMUM. Well, unless you’ve come across someone who can build a network of contacts and do a non-obligatory follow-up to maintain a relationship, then you have a chance that something will actually happen.

2. Returning something “in exchange”.
At the moment when the person you are talking to offers your business card to you and you do not give her anything in return … a strange situation arises. Once, one lady told me that she felt a bit like she had invested and did not get a refund. Of course, like a joke, but still. It made me think. So I use my business cards mainly so that the “exchange” of business cards and not just collect them.

3. Encourage contact.
This can be the main purpose of your business card – to encourage contact! A business card can inform something, “give” something, open a story that a pre-interested person can continue if he comes to the site, calls, etc. My business card does not even have contact details … but it gives a lot if you go to the link provided on it. This is a simple step and I have a lot more contacts that have been made than when I had contact details on it.

What should be on my business card?

1. Your picture!
Yes! I believe that the most important thing on your business card is your picture. Thanks to this, the person who browses the business cards will immediately create a link between your conversation and the content on the business card. You will not wonder who she got it from and if you made a good impression – it’s a good chance she will not even throw it away;)

2. Your main goal.
So if you want someone to call you, you must have a phone number on it, if you want him to write, it’s an email address. Focus on what action is the most important for you and let this element be properly highlighted.

3. Other elements.
They should be smaller, additional, inconspicuous. So that the person who will take your card in your hand first of all paid attention to the action that is your main goal.

How can I get my materials designed and printed?

  1. Of course, like everything else – you can do by yourself. I will say even more. Imagine, for example, a business card, on which one side is your good quality photo (preferably taken on a professional photo session) and on the other side your handwritten phone number, first and last name. I once had such a card and made a show!

  2. You can use the free wizards, which are available when ordering business cards, for example on http://moo.com or http://vistaprint.com, then a business card design based on a professional template will be included in the print price.

  3. In the best case, your business card and promotional materials should be part of a larger image, i.e. be part of a well-planned branding and be part of your company’s communication strategy. If you want to work on a strategy and build consistent branding, contact us.


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PS. I believe in you! You are awesome!