How to brand your business in social media?

You can have beautifully designed logo, stunning materials and advertising forms, but if you do not take care of the coherence of your image on social media, the person who is looking for information about your company will have a feeling that something has “gone”, and that does not build trust, only raises questions. So, to help potential and loyal customers get value from your content, take care of consistent branding in social media.

1. Tidy up with what you already have

Let’s start with the fact that it’s worth organizing the information you already have on your social media. First of all choose which channels you will actively develop, which should be closed, or redirect traffic to another channel or website. Complete contact information, company information, mission, vision, products. Who and how you help. Delete posts that are out of date or not consistent with your brand core. If you already know it, it will be easy, if not – start by fixing it :)

2. How should your logo be presented?

Do you have your brand book? Do you know how your logo should look on different materials? If so, then you have an easier task, and if you do not, then you can try to determine how you will present the company’s logo. It is worthwhile that the place and form are fixed on all materials. Thanks to this, each time you publish a photo, article or video, your viewers will immediately notice that it’s “yours”. Each new entry will strengthen your brand and be a natural continuation of previous publications.

3. What colours does your brand use?

Same as above. If you have a book of signs created, you know exactly where and what colours to use. If not – then set the background colour and contrasting colour (preferably only 2 colours to start with) that you will use on your channels. Thanks to this, you will start building your brand awareness even faster. Think about what company do you associate with white and red colour? And what do you associate with yellow? And what company comes to your mind when you think about the blue? Regardless of what company came to your mind – they made a GOOD JOB, because you just have to think about a particular colour, and you already bring back the brand and all the associations you have with it. Do you want to achieve a similar effect for your company?

4. Consistency on all channels

Every social media has a bit different rules. It has a different format, displaying content and other rules. What is worth doing is adapting to the requirements of a given website, however, to maintain the frame of your brand. A well-designed brand will cover most of the most popular content formats. So if you use Instagram, you must have a form that looks good in a square, for YouTube, preferably a panoramic frame, and in the case of TicToc – a vertical one. Your consistency will result in the fact that regardless of the platform, your audience will have a continuity of experience with your brand, and this will make everything you do will have an even greater impact.

5. What is the common element?

Every social media has a bit different rules. It has a different format, displaying content and other rules. What is worth doing, is to take the frame of your brand. A well-designed brand will cover the most popular content formats. So, you have to use the TicToc – a vertical one. I’m sure that you will have a great deal of success with your brand.

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